Benefits of Lax Plus Membership

Program Wide Curriculum

We have a program wide curriculum that has been implemented with all of our teams and staff. We especially focus on this curriculum during the summer season. Our curriculum includes Lax Plus offensive and defensive plays for both the youth and high school levels, and our Curriculum Coordinator works directly with our coaches and directors to continue to develop this curriculum into a Lax Plus Culture. Our main task is to assist in developing our youth and high school athletes into versatile lacrosse players, and students of the game.


Goalie Training Specialist

We have a full time goalie training specialist. Goalies are encouraged to sign up for individual and small group sessions with our goalie training specialist. Sessions follow our Practice Calendar for each season.


Player Evaluation System (Summer Players)

Each player is our program must establish gmail account so that they can participate in our assessment program. Players and parents will be trained on accessment folders at the beginning of the summer season. This folder serves as a portfolio for our players. Each summer players give themselves a pre-season self-evaluation which they discuss with their coach, and then at the end of the season their coach provides a post-assessment using the same evaluation system. These documents are then stored in an online folder and can be accessed from year to year.

These folders become especially important with the college recruiting process as it also acts as a form of communication between our recruiting coordinators and their assigned players.


Recruiting Assistance (High School Only)

Lax Plus is highly involved with the recruiting process. As you move through your high school years, the Lax Plus staff will continue to educate and guide you through the recruiting process. There will be informational sessions held throughout the year discussing the Division I, II, and III recruiting process.

Each player is assigned a recruiting coordinator. The coordinators then act as a liaison between our athletes and the college coaches at the schools they are interested in. This includes help with sending out emails to coaches, filling out questionnaires, and overall assistance as each athlete finds the best place for them at the college level. Each recruiting coordinator will assist their players with their recruiting folder, which is monitored by both the player and assigned coordinator. Players will receive feedback as to what level they would fit best academically and athletically for college lacrosse, as well as be provided any information from college coaches.

With that being said, it is important to understand that college coaches prefer to evaluate players in a game situation rather than read a written evaluation from a club coach. Many college coaches feel that only through watching perspective athletes play multiple times can they make valid decisions.

As much as we at Lax Plus are involved in the recruiting process, college coaches have made it clear that when NCAA rules allow, they prefer to have recruiting conversations with the athlete themselves, and not parents or coaches. This is because not only must a player fit with a team athletically, but socially as well. The coach is recruiting the individual athlete, and would like to get to know them. The athlete's personality during phone conversations, emails, and interviews, will help the coach determine if that athlete will fit in with their existing team. Through these conversation the college coach will also get a sense of how well the player will be able to handle the pressures of college academics and athletics.