Notice:  Please review the frequently asked questions first before emailing.  If you don’t see your question below, please email and the answer will be posted on this page within a day.

What forms of payment do you take?  All payments will be done by credit card.  We will not accept checks at the event.  You can register without making a payment, but participation will not be allowed unless full payment has been made through this site.  Paying at the time of registering is encouraged.  If you do not pay at the time of registering, we will send a reminder before the event begins.


What is your refund policy?  If you need a refund we will charge a 10% of the total payment to cover fees if you cancel for any reason up until 8 days prior to the start of an event.  No refund will be issued within 1 week of an event’s start date.  There are no exceptions, even for injuries.


If I know I am going to miss a session or two is there a discount or a prorated cost?  No.


How do I register on-line?  Click on the “Registration” icon provided at and choose the desired camp by reading the appropriate header provided.  Our on-line registration only accepts credit card payments. Payments at registration must be cash or money order.  No checks will be accepted on the day of registration.


How do I know if my application was received?  You will receive confirmation from our office through email which will include directions to registrations and any other important information you will need.


What if I have trouble registering on my computer?  Contact us at  and we will email you an application.


Can I pick my son’s roommates for the camp?  Yes, for the Overnight camp only.  While you can choose a roommate there are no guarantees.  We will try our best to accommodate any special requests made on the application or in a special attachment with the application.


Where will the overnight campers stay?  All overnight campers will stay in dormitories on campus.  Bathrooms and showers are located on each floor.  Bolts coaches and counselors will supervise the campers at all times.


What do I need to bring to camp?  Overnight campers should bring their own pillow, blanket, X long twin sheet, and any other necessities you would like.  Campers must provide their own equipment including grass cleats, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, athletic supporter, mouthpiece, t-shirts and shorts.


How will the campers be grouped?  Campers will be grouped based on their skill level, position, and age.


Can we bring food and drinks?  Yes, but these items are also sold at the camps store.  The camps store will be open from 8AM – 10PM.  Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase.  Water will be available to campers at all times during practice sessions and other on-field times.


Can I purchase equipment at the camp?  Yes.  While some equipment is sold at camp, you may want to inquire well in advance about our stock.


How is the food?  Great.  Always plenty to eat and drink to be sure everyone is hydrated.


Can I receive transportation to and from camp from the air port?  Yes.  You can arrange for transportation on the application.  All details must be communicated directly with a staff member.


What if I lose my dorm key?  There is a $60 charge for a lost dorm key.


How do I reach my son in case of an emergency?  During the week of camp in case of an emergency, all personnel can be reached at 203-650-5720.


Is there an inclement weather policy?  The directors of Colorado Bolts Lacrosse Camps may be forced to cancel, shorten, or re-schedule tournament games due to inclement weather conditions, or player and fan safety concerns.  No refunds will be granted in the event of such an occurrence.