Bolts Lacrosse CODE OF CONDUCT  

Player & Parent


I promise to adhere to the following: 

  1. I will respect the game, my teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, fans and facilities at all times. 
  2. I will be safe and abide by the rules of the sport and tournament rules, including COVID-19 Safety rules.
  3. I will give my full commitment to my team. I will commit to being on time and attend all practices and games, barring extenuating circumstances. I will always give 100% effort. 
  4. I will put the good of the team ahead of my own personal gain.  I will be a good teammate by setting a positive example and supporting and encouraging my teammates. 
  5. I acknowledge that as a member of this team I am representing myself, the team, Bolts Lacrosse, my family, and my community. 
  6. I will be modest in victory and gracious in defeat. 
  7. I understand that equal playing time in games is not guaranteed. I also realize that coaches manage playing time the best they can while keeping in mind what is best for the collective group, while also trying to create a positive experience for every player. 



I recognize the following rules: 

  1. No Bullying, in any way shape or form, including but not limited to physical abuse, verbal abuse, or any discrimination based on gender, religion, race or sexual orientation. 
  2. No fighting. 
  3. No Drugs, Alcohol or Nicotine, or any other illegal or criminal activity. 
  4. No stealing. 
  5. No unsportsmanlike behavior or use of foul language directed at anyone else. I understand that as a member of this team that I am subject to this Code of Conduct and Rules and that failure to comply may lead to consequences. Consequences may include but is not limited to, suspension or expulsion from the team.
  6. ALL TOURNAMENTS ARE MANDATORY. If you are unable to attend a tournament you need to receive express written consent from a program director PROIR TO REGISTERING FOR OUR PROGRAMS. Program Directors: Allie Popelar or Thomas Muldoon.
    1. There are a few acceptable reasons to miss a tournament, they include: injury, illness, or family emergency. If one of these three circumstances occurs please reach out to as soon as possible.
    2. Players who fail to attend a tournament without communication, or written consent from a program director, are subject to removal from our programs without refund.
    3. Players who miss a tournament for any reason other than an injury, illness or family emergency are subject to removal from our programs without refund.


Bolts Lacrosse strives to instill life skills and build character through the sport of lacrosse. We aim to foster an environment that is safe, fun, and educational. We will maintain the highest ethical standards, provide quality coaching and instruction, and protect and enhance the well-being of participants in a safe and respectful environment. 

In order to achieve this, all Parents and Guardians are required to adhere to the following Code of Conduct. 

As a Parent/Guardian I promise to adhere to the following Code of Conduct: 

  1. I will respect the game of lacrosse, the officials, our coaches, and opposing teams’ players and coaches.
  2. I agree and understand that the safety and welfare of all the players are of primary importance. 
  3. I will be a role model for our team’s players by practicing good sportsmanship at any team events including all practices, tournaments, and games.
  4. I will be a good representative of the team by always conducting myself in a way that positively represents our club by being respectful and courteous coaches, players, officials, and members of other programs at all times. 
  5. I am aware of the Player Code of Conduct and promise to help keep my child accountable. 
  6. I will NEVER criticize other players regardless of the circumstance. I agree that derogatory comments are unacceptable.
  7. I will not coach my child from the fan sideline and will let players play and coaches coach, and support both positively. 
  8. I will not swear or use abusive or threatening language. I will never openly or maliciously criticize, badger, harass, or threaten an official, a coach, a parent, or other teams/programs. 
  9. I will follow the "24 Hour Rule" that states that if I have a complaint resulting from a game (or practice) situation, I will wait 24 hours before contacting the coach and/or directors. 
  10. I will use the appropriate lines of communication with coaches. If there is a serious problem I can notify the Directors.