Bolts Lacrosse does not offer refunds after a player has registered.* ** *** If there is an extenuating circumstance, then Bolts Lacrosse will accept a waiver request to the cancellation policy, and in good faith, will manage prorated refunds on a case by case basis.  To appeal for a refund the parent/guardian must email with the details of the situation and an explanation for the request.


*COVID-19 CANCELLATIONS- If there are tournament cancellations, or program cancelations, due to COVID-19 or other health or safety concerns, then a full or prorated refund will be made. Depending on when cancellations occur, Full refunds may be subject to a 10% administrative fee, as well as any fees that the program cannot recoup including: Jersey fees, or funds not returned to the program from the tournament sponsors. In the event that Jersey fees are collected, you will receive your jersey, and a discount code equal to the cost of the jersey for the next club season.

**Injuries – We strongly encourage injured players to stay as a part of the team throughout the season and honor their commitment to the program.  In the past we have had some injured players still show up for every event, help where they can, and travel with the team. This is the culture of a healthy program. With that being said, if a significant injury occurs that precludes a player from participating in any of the team events, we will accept a waiver request and in good faith address prorated refunds on a case by case basis.

 ***If a player is suspended or expelled from the club for violations of the Player Code of Conduct then no refund will be offered.